2022 Krewe Ball Guest Invitation

Use this form to request guest invitations for the 2022 Beaux Arts Krewe Ball. You have until midnight Jan 3, 2022 to request invitations online that you would like to be mailed by the Krewe. We have new guidelines for 2022 so please read:

• Invitations will now include 1 door card per person, which will be required for entry to the Ball.

• All Krewe members will be limited to inviting 8 individual guests prior to January 3, 2022.

• This year each Krewe member receives 2 complimentary door cards (1 couple or 2 individual guests). Any additional door cards will cost $20 each.

• After January 3, 2022, any remaining door cards will be available for purchase by Krewe members for $20 per door card until all door cards have been purchased.

• The Krewe will mail any invitations that are submitted via the Krewe website prior to January 3, 2022.