Krewe in the News

From the Birmingham Museum of Art Newsletter:

The Birmingham Beaux Arts Krewe, founded in 1966, is a major supporter of the collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art. Each year, the Krewe donates a substantial amount to the Krewe Acquisition Fund, which has enabled the Museum to purchase important works for the collection over the past 50 years.

Funds typically accumulate over several years to allow for a major purchase. Nineteen paintings, sculptures, and drawings, mostly European, have come to Birmingham through the Krewe’s generous support and help tell the story of creative expression through the ages. They are used in tours for school children, serve as inspiration for the Museum’s studio art program, and share with every visitor the story of a different time, place, and culture in a powerful way that is unique to the visual arts.

We at the Museum are proud keepers of these artworks, which we preserve, study, and display for the enrichment of Birmingham and the region, and we are tremendously grateful for the Krewe’s commitment to bringing the world to Birmingham for our community to enjoy and learn.

Download the tearsheet (pdf)